Ideal's Cookoo Marans??


11 Years
May 23, 2008
Has anyone gotten this year cookoo maran pullets from Ideal Poulty??
I got my call today from them that they have some for those of us who wanted to be notified, and if we call back they will ship them the week of October 23rd.

Anyone have any feedback on them from Ideal?
I would like to get the "real deal" and not a blend that is sold as a cookoo maren.
If you're looking for the real deal, DO NOT get them from a hatchery. There's plenty of folks on BYC that breed them - check in the Breeders & Backyard Hatcheries section.
I have one. Let me get a picture for you so you can judge for yourself. I like her temperment and I think she is pretty, but then I would not assume to show her or pass her off as from show stock. Her eggs are not as dark as the Welsummer and they are speckled.
Well, wouldn't you know my card reader has just died on me! UGH. Ever since I took this computer to the Geek Squad I have had nothing but issues. So much for simply removing a virus. Never again...
Ok, onto Latte. All I have is her pics from a couple months ago. She wasn't even laying at the time. She has since grown very big and when along side my Barred Rock I have to look at the legs for feathers to know who is who. I did get some good pics of her now and if I get this reader working I will post for you. I am sure there are breeders out there that would have killer stock compared to my little Latte girl, but I am happy with her...

This pic below is kind of dark, but all I have of her entire body. She still didn't have many feathers on her feet yet.
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