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Mar 23, 2012
I just ordered 10 ducklings from Holderread's (8 Saxony and 2 Cayuga) and need to update my brooder box. Last time I used a large plastic storage bin (45 gal) that I got from Walmart. I put a pan covered with hardware cloth in there to set their water on and TRY to contain the mess. That didn't really work.

So my idea is to get another storage bin and mount both of them side by side on an old table. I will cut a hole in the table and in the bottom of one of the bins and then cover the hole with hardware cloth and then set the water and feed on the hardware cloth where it can fall down into some sort of pan underneath the table to collect and dispose of it.

My unsolved issues.

What size mesh do I need to use?

How to connect the 2 boxes together. They both get wider as you get to the top so there will be a gap at the bottom that needs to be covered.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
We built a quick brooder box from some left over soffet material and some 2x4s (and the bottom pan from Abby's (great dane) kennel)

When they started making a mess of their water, I put it on blocks and put a plant water dish thing under it. Helps lots, though they still make a mess in that corner, but not too bad, so I just put extra shavings there.


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