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My post in this forum and in my state post didn't get any responses. There has got to be someone near me that needs help processing and would be willing to take on a newb to help. I've thought about craigslist, but I'm a bit scared putting myself out there... "female with child looking to help you slaughter..." umm... it just doesn't seem safe. Do any of you have ideas on how I might find someone to let me help them process this years birds? My son is keen to participate also which comes as a surprise considering I always thought of this one as my "sensitive" child. I'd hate to hack this sort of thing on my own when he's interested.
I don't think it's an odd request, if only we weren't an entire continent away from each other I'd be glad to have you over during our next butchering session. Keep posting on both this forum & the "Where are you?" forum, sometimes messages get lost in the crowd. You could also check with your local 4-H, and ask the folks at your feed store, they might know someone who does meat birds. Good luck & keep trying!
You will probably get a better response if you just bump your old post instead of starting new ones also. If you find someone that does chickens then they will probably let you help. I think the local 4H club is a great place to start.
You could try putting up a flyer or poster on the board at your feedstore/ranch supply.

Don't know how far is too far to drive for you. We're in south-central WA. That would probably be 3 hours or so, depending on how far north you are. If I recall your other post you were in King Co? That would probably be more like 4-4.5 hours one way.

Another idea would be to look for poultry processors. I've heard of mobile processors and you might be able to meet them at their next job and watch. Phone book would be a place to start but I know there are plenty of flyers at the board on my ranch store for processors, mobile and otherwise.

Those are great ideas... 4H, feedstore, and farmers market!

We don't have the mobile processor yet, but there's one in the works.

Dan, I'm heading to the PNPA Northwest Winter Classic in Stevenson. Mid October I think.

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