Ideas for the Krowned Kat.....bit by something

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by GopherBoyFarms, May 8, 2008.

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    Mar 18, 2008
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    She is about 8 yrs old...has been through everything! she started out as a stray that adopted us when we lived in the city. We took her to the country with us...she did great till she tangled with a coon. Not to bad that time I nursed her back on tuna and water. Then she get into the nursery landscapers yard and got shot. I looked up on the internet what antibiotics I had that I could give hir (it was touch and go for a day or so, her eyes rolled back in her head, and I thought she was a goner) she pulled through. Well this time...I think since we just put the chicks out we have a possum coming around and i think she tangled with it. (she is an outside cat) I have kept her in the garage, with food, and tuna and water...but I think she is getting worse. Can anyone recomend a antibiotic I can give her oraly that I dont need to take her to the vet to get???????
    Please any ideas would be great.
    It's not that we dont want to spend the money, its just that she does this often, and DH just went back to work, and we need ideas of something we can get from the feed store?
    Any ideas?

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    Where did she get bit? and is the wound infected? How long ago did this happen?
    First off, I would pour peroxide on the bite
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    You can try a long lasting penicillian, but that is via shot. You would only have to give the shot once every 2-3 days...1 to 1 1/2 cc will be enough. I think its an 18 guage needle. Best to give the shot under the skin in the back of the leg/hip. The skin is easier to penetrate than on the neck. pull the skin away from the body and inject that way. (I almost always have my husand do it, since he gives the cows their vac)

    Does she have any wounds? scratch marks?

    Is she UTD on her vaccinations?
  4. crtrlovr

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    sorry, but actually with cats peroxide is NOT a good idea because it can flush bacteria further back into the wound and cause abscessing since their skin heals so quickly. do a flush with warm salt water (not hot, but not cold) and use an antibiotic ointment if you have one. do a THOROUGH full body check; even a small wound can cause big problems. If the cat's running a temp (normal is about 101-102 degrees) there's probably infection somewhere. BTW, please think about making her an inside cat, or at LEAST outside during daytime, garage kitty at night.
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    I totally agree about the inside cat thing...we have 2 totally indoor cats...she wouldnt stand for it. Plus...she pees on everything!!! And my one inside cat would probably kill her if she was inside.

    She was bit right at the base of her tail. and on one leg. She is now outside walking maybe she is over the hump. I am planning on taking a good look at her in a min, with the help of DH and sing if she is oozing or if it looks like it is swelling. I know yesterday she was warm to the touch. Thanks so much. If I see a wound I will treat it with antibactirial, and flush it for a day or so...if she lets me. and yes ALL our animals are UTD on shots. wouldnt have them any other way

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