Ideas to help a 3 year old learn her colours?

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  1. I have a 3 year old daughter who is STRUGGLING to know her colours. Yes, she is already in Pre-School but I would like to work with her at home as well. What good activities do you know that I can use to help her identify her colours? She knows the names of them but she can't place them correctly. I tried holding up crayons and asking her to tell me the name of the colour, I even ask her which one is this colour but she gets them all mixed up. Any Help? She wants to learn but gets fusterated that she hasn't gotten 1 colour correct.
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  2. Go out and buy her a toy... a stuffed animal. Name it "Blue Bear", or 'Yellow Pig'... whatever is appropriate. Then, once she knows it's name, buy another one, different color, different animal... continue until you end up with 'chartreuse chameleon' and 'tangerine tiger'....
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    Don't try to mix them up yet. Pick a color, say red. Red apples, red cars, red leaves...anything red in the house or on a red scavenger hunt outside. Work only on one color at a time. Then pick a very different color like blue or green. Same thing. Scavenger hunt inside the house, out on a walk. Tape a piece of construction paper to the door and say today is "red" day. If she is frustrated that will not help her learn. Make it fun. Even if she has to carry something red to compare things too, that's ok.

    Good luck [​IMG]
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    she will learn [​IMG] shes just 3 so let her learn at her own pace..what i do though is just point out the colors of everything around us and all of my kids gradually caught on..or another good thing is to get a box of crayons and a fun coloring book and take turns asking for a certain color. for example ask her " can you hand me the blue one, its right there" and point to it, and before you know it, she will have learned them all.
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    You can have a single color day. Let her wear that color and maybe dye some food or drink that color. Milk is good to dye different colors.

    Don't worry. She will get it.
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    I made beanbags from fabric scraps (squares of felt purchased from a craft store would wrok, too) and we played silly games using each beanbag (one at a time) until that color became familiar and then we would add another one. We also made up silly rhymes and songs about his favorite blue blanket, the yellow chickies, his gray donkey, etc.

    Have fun!
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    Quote:Perfect! This is how many preschools teach colors. It heps to when they can see the color in many shades...dark blue, light blue etc.

    Make it fun [​IMG]
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    when my son was learning we pointed things out that day, green grass, green leaves, green car, green shirt. Where ever we were and after he started learning he was delighted to pick them out himself.
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    There are tons of color books at the library. One thing that I've heard about is getting one of those wipe boxes and putting different color things in there and using one a week. It could be anything from a red screwdriver to a white bar of soap. Get that box out only at certain times every day like right after nap or right before dinner for a table time and talk about the things in the box. Then put it all up and do it over the next day. The key with table time is that things aren't carried off, thrown on the floor, scattered about and to the point that the kid is tired of them and not interested anymore.
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    My daughter had the same problem. I bought a little spiral index card notebook (it's index cards but held together with a spiral) and I took colored markers and wrote the color name and colored some balloons (or what ever you want on the same page) in that color. I also did shapes, circle square, etc. We would go through it every night before bed and I did as others said pointed out the colors around us.

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