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[/IMG]Can anyone help me? I would really like to know what breeds of chicken these are.
I see what looks like a barred rock and a light brahma. Not sure about the ones in the back. The orangish one looks like it might be a mix, not 100% on that though
The black/white striped bird is a Barred Rock rooster. The white/black bird with feathered legs is a Light Brahma. I could tell gender with a better pic. If you post good profile pics of each bird we'll be happy to help you. :) (If you're wanting to know gender, it also really helps if we know how many weeks old they are)

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Thanks. It's the red one giving me the brain tremors. It is really tall compared to the rest of my flock. And those are Ameraucanas in the back.
[/URL]Can anyone help me? I would really like to know what breeds of chicken these are. The striped bird in front is a Barred Plymouth Rock, and is probably a rooster. The white bird peeking out of the left side is a Light Brahma, and I'm thinking pullet.

This one is also a puzzler. These are the only two I can't identify. Definitely a rooster. As for breed, I'm not sure. All I know is that its color variety is "Crele." (also spelled "Creole.")

it has a rose comb. Actually, that doesn't appear to be a rose comb. It looks more like a strawberry or cushion comb. Both of those combs are similar to rose combs, except for the fact that they lack the round extension (called a "spike" or "leader") at the end of a comb. This an example of a rose comb: See the "spike" at the end of the comb?

Anyway, your bird looks like some sort of game breed, like the Malay, Shamo, Aseel. Could be a mix of those breeds, too, or a rarer gamebird breed that I don't know about. Regardless of breed, it is a rooster.
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I am also in agreement. You have in the first photo two roos for sure: the barred plymouth rock and the buff something. The light brahma looks like a pullet, but a whole body pic might be good. in the back I would love to see their heads, but there is a blue and a splash something (oh, just realized you said they were ameraucanas). As for the last roo, the crele, he sure looks like a pendesenca, but then there are quite a few color mixes that would yield something looking like him so who knows.

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