Identify breed of this bantam pullet


8 Years
Apr 24, 2011
Aubrey, TX
I have a 15 week old "mystery chick". She is a very tiny bantam pullet. At 15 weeks, she can still easily stand in the palm of my hand. Any ideas what breed she is? Her legs are clean (no feathers) and are a very bluish gray color.

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It was a free chick from my local feed store (a very reputable independent, NOT TSC). I am sure they get some hatchery stock in addition to the local breeders I know they buy from, but I'm not sure if they get any from McMurray).

Thanks for the answers. I'll do some searching for pictures of the seramas and Japanese to compare.
Unfortunately Jap Bantams don't breed true & you get both long legs & short legs...............So far haven't seen one that its legs don't match !!!
The tail and carriage don't seem right for a Japanese. Nor is the tail, carriage, wings, or leg color right for a serama. I first thought Wheaten OEGB, but the leg color is wrong...I think. What is her comb like? Can we see a pic of her standing (relatively) still?
Thanks, I'll try to get a still picture. She is rarely still though! She is like a little roadrunner. Everywhere she goes, she goes at full speed! I am not good at picking out comb types, but I'll study up and give it a try. Right now it's still so tiny it's hard to see. It hasn't grown at all--which is why I think she's a pullet.

I'll post again later with pics.

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