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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ~*Sweet Cheeks*~, May 12, 2011.

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    Hello all -

    Long story, but I hatched out the below 10 baby ducklings in my sports bra after they pipped.

    Could you please identify which are from which dad. There are 3 dark ones - one of which is a grayish color and 7 yellowish ones - surprising no two are exactly alike - some have grayish heads and differing marks on their bills.

    All the eggs were layed by two silver appleyard banty ducks and possible dads are 1 appleyard and 2 call ducks (one of which I was told is blue fawn). 1 HUGE muscovy drake but I have NEVER seen him mount one of the tiny appleyards. Thanks for your help.

    Pic taken this morning - May 12. Chicks are 1-2 days old

    Possible parents taken in December - Appleyard moms are on the upper & lower right sides - appleyard dad has the green head on upper left and the two calls dads are lower left.
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    It could be difficult to determine exactly who is the dad.. I have a similar situation here at my place at the moment with two very dark ducklings hatching in a group of 7. I have some dominant older drakes who up until now have been the only fathers- but it looks to be that a younger drake has now entered the gene pool. The ducklings that are darker - if they hatched the same time as the others especially are not likely to be muscovies. You have a drake that looks very much trout in colouring- I would suggest that he is the father rather than the silver I can see. With the three drakes all turned different directions- its hard to see really what they look like- and knowing exactly what is on their genetic make up from a photo alone is nearly impossible. I can see a drake that looks silver ( The Appleyard ) - one that looks much like a blue Swede- and one that looks like trout colouring.. You may have a mix of all three being fathers in this lot of ducklings- but will have to wait to see if the one that looks like the blue swede is a dad- as the colouring indicating this will come as they grow feathers.
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    Oh my goodness! how sweet! I want calls! I have no idea on their genetics being that I have runners. I'm just posting to tell you that no matter what color they turn out they are probably the most darling babies I have ever seen!

  5. ~*Sweet Cheeks*~

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    Mar 12, 2009
    Medford, Oregon
    Thank you all -

    They sure are CUTE and so much FUN to watch. They are so much more active than baby chicks at this age.

    They love to play with everything. They nibble on your hand, groom your hand, climb in your hand and fall asleep.

    All of that cuteness makes up for the mess they make. This morning a put a low lipped pan to put their waterer in, so they don't soak everything. I'm using the puppy pads but they only soak up so much water. Now I can clearly see why folks use the wire covered frames so the water can run through.

    I am so dreading that the 3 dark ones are muskovies. I know for a fact they hatched out of the appleyard eggs because they are greenish tinted and the size/shape of chicken eggs. My muskovy eggs are larger, rounder, and cream colored.

    I just can't believe the skovie drake would mate with the tiny appleyards and I've NEVER seen him try. However, the 3 dark ones in question have dark feet and my two little call duck boys have bright orange feet.

    Does that make the off spring not fertile or unable to reproduce?

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