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May 17, 2015
Hello there.

On February the 26th I got 3 baby ducks at a local market, they were 3 weeks old and although this type of duck is quite common in Portugal I don't seem to find the name of their species. To all expert ducks out there give me a hand here:



If you know this species well I have other questions for you:

1. I have been trying to find the correct diet for them but they are quite stubborn. They eat special dry food for ducks (with protein, fibre, calcium) but they aren't really enthusiastic about it. I've tried strawberries, cauliflower, banana, kiwi, dark green cabbage, carrots, pears, green beans but little interest was shown. What they *REALLY* love is: green or red peppers. I use to cut them in slices and give them by hand. But they just can't keep eating just peppers. Do you have any suggestion?

2. As to sexing. Two of them do QUACK, the third one doesn't. I guess I have 2 females and 1 male. From the picture I show above can you help me on this matter?

3. Since I bought these 3 pests I grew an appendix on my hand: a mop. They are indeed poop machines and they spend most of the time indoors in my large living room. Occasionally they go take a bath on the terrace I have outside (watch video) but I don't like to leave them unnatended. So the question here is: what is the best place to buy harnesses and diapers.

It's all for now.
I appreciate all the help you can give me.

I think they might be Muscovies @Miss Lydia For food they she eat duck food like what you have, flock raiser or chicken grower. My ducks like their pellets but they would eat treats all day if given the choice. It's about finding a balance with their diet. Green leafy veggies are great for them just go easy on the spinach since it can block calcium absorption. As for the sounds and sex, if they are indeed muscovy you cannot sex them by voice like you can with other ducks. I have no clue on duck diapers, you will need to ask in the house duck thread
Last but not least
If they quack they are most likely Muscovy Mixes, gorgeous ducks by the way, Muscovy are call the quackless ducks because they really don't quack, you may occasionally hear a quack if you pick one up against it's better judgement. But basically females make a trilling noise and drakes hiss
They will eat just about anyhting but make sure they get a good balanced diet like needlessjunk says. veggie are a good addition too. bugs of my gosh if you have a yard they will love taking care of bugs.

as for diapers not sure what would be available in Portugal might find some info on line where to order.

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