Identify my predator


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Mar 22, 2017

in the first few seconds of the video you can see that there is something getting into my run stealing some of my chicken feed.

Its too dark/grainy for me to identify, but maybe those of you with more experience can help.

Does anyone know what that is? My best guess is a possum or racoon.
how big are rats over there?
my understanding is racoons cause alot of damage forgive me if I'm wrong but all the posts about racoons on here and they all seem to try and break in to where the the living birds are sorry if I'm no help but I'm from UK but it looks like a rat the way it moves and how it goes underneath the wire
It seemed way to big to be a rat to me, I haven't seen any around here before. It could be a possum, but to me it looked like it had a bobbed tail, so maybe a cat?

Admittedly my run isnt very well defended, I honestly cant see how anything would reasonably get into the coop though, its about 1 inch thick of solid wood all the way around so it would take some effort to break in to.

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