Identifying > 1 week old chicks -- how'd we do?


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Oct 4, 2012
North of Houston Texas
Last night my son and I divided up, studied, took pics and tried our best to identify our various chicks (assorted Bantams Feather-legged from McMurrays). So here's what we came up with:

These are Dark Brahma's. Chipmunk stripes on back (2), yellow feathered legs, 3 toes.

These are Porcelain D'uccles. Light greyish blue with yellow legs/beak. 3 toes. Feathered legs and yellow bellies.

These are either Birchen or Black Cochins. I'm figuring Black since that would seem to be most common. They have yellow underbellies, yellow legs/beak, 3 toes, feathered legs.

These are White or Buff Cochins. Some are pure yellow, some have a more reddish coloring to them. They have 3 toes, yellow legs/beak and have feathers on their legs.

Then I have this one. It's got Chipmunk stripes like the Dark Brahmas, but is MUCH lighter. IN all other ways it's just like the other chicks.

So, what do you all think? I've looked but can't discern any type of comb on any of them. Just not experienced enough I guess--LOL!

My son says there ought to be a law against that much cuteness!!
most breeds have 4 toes. there are no 3 toed breeds. some do have 5 toes.

as for breeds looks right but can't really see the combs to tell for sure. re-post when they reach 6 weeks of age
I'm fairly new to chickens, too, but that last lil guy looks like a barnvelder. I had 3, but they were tiny guys and didn't survive their trip to my house. I lost them all within 3 days. Devastated! They were adorable and I was really looking forward to watching them grow.

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