identifying blue silkie

michelle glass

6 Years
Mar 21, 2013
Petrolia, Ont

bought this "pair" two months ago from an auction. told they were blue silkies. now recently I have seen a partridge blue silkie in photos. they look familiar to my Ted and Thelma. the first pic is clearly a rooster...crowed from the day we brought him home. the second started crowing only in morning when other roosters were starting up. "she" still doesn't have the strong looks of the boy Ted. can they minick? No eggs yet but I do not see mating between them either. Ted is aggressive... not mean but chases anything he can mount. Thelma is docile and insecure. likes to follow me around. what are your thoughts? is Thelma really a male and I am in denial??
thanks keesmom.... dammit Thelma! she must be much younger than Ted because her head is so much under developed than his. I guess I need to find a female... do you know if these are blue partridge silkies or just blue silkies?

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