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Jamie 76

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May 20, 2015
I started 8 weeks ago with 6 Long Island Reds, we built A nice new coop and realized we wanted to get some more chicks. We got 7 chicks from someone local but aren't sure of sexes yet. 3 are leghorns, 2 Plymouth Rock, and 2 Bantams. The PR chicks don't really look dark like the ones I see online (mine are light yellow and gray) and not sure what kind of bantams the ones I got are! They have grey and brown wings.
I know theyre bantams because they're small- just curious if anyone recognizes the type of my chicks or has any pics of them? I'm REALLY enjoying my chickens, so much fun and like everyone I'm really looking forward to getting eggs. We also got three khaki Campell ducklings and are enjoying them too! we decided to provide a separate living house for them because they're so messy. They Still share the same outdoor living space as the pullets and get along well.
I was wondering about the fuzzy light gray and yellow chicks I was told they're Plymouth Rocks- but they don't look black like the photos I've seen.
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