IDK if this is where id ask

Do you want that price to include shipping? If so, I don't think you're going to have much luck. I'd check on Craig's List. There are still chicks listed in my area and for about that price. But you're probably looking at straight run from there.
Are you looking for show quality or just backyard pets?

Hatcheries are quick and easy and pretty cheap depending on which one you use. I use Ideal Poultry and have had wonderful results as far as survival. But these birds are rarely show quality.
thank u ill check thoes out
I don't think you will have any problem finding day old pullets for $2-$3 apiece, but probably not including shipping unless you buy a fairly large number.

I just got an email from Ideal and they are running a very short time special on heavy breed pullets for very cheap. So I suggest that you look at Ideal's web page.

I got 25 ducks from them and shipping was about $12, so not much additional cost per bird, if you are buying enough birds.

You aren't getting any show quality chicks for $3 apiece, though. You can forget that idea.
Show quality

Just wanted to emphasize this response from the original poster. She's lookin for show quality. More than likely not gonna find it at a hatchery
You will not find day old, sexed pullets that are show quality for 2-3 dollars each. If you want them that cheap you'd be better off to go from a hatchery like Ideal or Meyers.

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