If I build a moveable run...


10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
If I build a tractor run that's 10' x 10' and 2 or 3 feet high and cover the sides with hardware wire... what should the "roof" be made of?

I was thinking of putting PVC roofing up there, to keep the run snow-free in the winter and leave plenty of shade, but I feel like something needs to be under it anyway, to keep things out--PVC roofing hits me as something incredibly easy to rip off. Larger-holed welded wire OK? If so, how large?
I built a potable run and use a fabric netting for the top. He works just fine. I got it at Lowes near the chain link stuff. It is 4 ft high on a 50 ft roll for about $30. Very easy to wok will and I cut it with scissors.

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