If I find an egg stash--can I eat them?


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Is there a way to "test" whether or not these eggs would be any good? The hens only started laying in late November. I don't THINK they STARTED laying where I found these eggs and there's easily 12 of them.

I only have hens, no roos--so it's not like they're fertilized and might have chicks or anything.

HELP!!! Dh wants to toss them! I'm figuring if they float in water, they're out. Or if I open them and the yolks don't "stand" up then they're gonners?
my little buggers lay them all over the barn instead of in their fancy best boxes. go figure. every once in a while we'll find a stash of 20 or so, so yeah, rather than chuck them out, i just do a water test on them. have not found a 'bad' one yet. but of course it's been winter time so its like having them in the fridge.
WHEW!!! Yeah--thankfully this is a lesson I'm learning in winter, too.

So if they float, I chuck 'em... right? I think that's the deal. THANK YOU! Wait... what if one end kinda tips up to the top of the water, but it doesn't actually float? Am I making too much of this?

I'm sure I didn't get all of them. It was such a shock--I thought there were only 2 or 3. My husband couldn't hold up the coop any longer so we'll check again tomorrow. Now I know what all the "yelling" is about in the morning.

3 nests for 8 hens SHOULD be enough... right?
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I was just going to come post this question. Our hens have been laying for a week or so. Today I went out to feed them and saw a green egg sort of buried by the door. Well I kept digging and found 7 buried in the same spot. Only two out of the ten so far have gone into the nesting boxes. Is there a way to get them to use them instead?
I found this when I first joined BYC-I don't remember who had posted it but, it is very helpful.
Eggs are good when:

Fill a bowl with water deeper than an egg is long.
Place eggs in bowl.
If eggs settle to the bottom and lay on their side...they are as fresh as can be can be and yolks do not need to be thoroughly cooked.
If eggs, while still on the bottom of the bowl, start pivoting upward they are a little less fresh but can still be used for baking, scrambling, etc.
When completely upright but still on the bottom of the bowl...the egg is still ok but must be thoroughly cooked (scrambling, used in batter for frying, etc.)
Once the egg actually starts to float and is no longer in contact with the bottom of the bowl...toss it!

When things spoil, they oxidize; This might explain the whole floating egg method.
The water tests are good. I have always followed the rule "Better safe than sorry" when it comes to eating my chickens eggs. I always have plenty of eggs, so throwing out a few never bothers me.

If a particular egg is questionable, is it REALLY worth it?
Just throw it out and wait for the next batch.. I get a fresh batch every morning, so a few questionable eggs lost doesn't bother me in the least.. LOL


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