If I move my chicks around my yard will they kill the grass


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Tacoma Washington
or if I move them around daily will they help the grass? I have metal panels that i have zip tied together that I use for my chicks during the day time. I have been moving them around the not so good areas of my yard (places that there is more dirt then grass) because i figure they can get bugs and play in the dirt. Someone told me that the chicks being there for a week will help grass grow. Others told me that the chickens will eat the grass and kill it.
Hi Sweetlilbaby, actually it's a bit of both.
If you leave them on the grass until they've eaten it out or placed droppings heavily on top, it may take a while for the grass to regrow. The trick is to move them along when they've only eaten out some of it, and the roots haven't been scratched up.
After that the grass will grow even more thick and luxurious when the droppings start to become fertilizer.
best wishes

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