If I need to raise humidity after day 18

When are you going on lockdown? Depending on how reliable your incubator is, you might want to put a sponge or handtowel in the bottom of the incubator so it can hold water if needed. I have a hovabator genesis but for lockdown I had to pick up a little giant since our hatch is staggered. I have had a lot of trouble keeping the humidity constant, but I finally have it figured out. I have had to add water several times while I figured out which plug to remove/add etc. You'll have to add water to the incubator without opening it. This can be a pain. I have tried with regular straws, filling the straw then holding the end with my finger until the straw is inserted in the hole of the incubator. I have found the best thing is one of those large plastic reusable straws that you get from a gas station or grocery store. I can show you a picture if I haven't explained it well. Good luck. Hope that makes sense
You can also try the containers in the incubator, but just be careful with having too much water in there and the humidity getting too high. Hope you have a good hatch!
Thanx I had wondered if I REALLY had to I could get a coffee straw or straw thru the vent if needed but I was hoping I wouldn't have to. Lockdown is today. I'm just having trouble getting the humidity squared away. It's my first hatch & I've got a brinsea eco.
I looked up a pics of the Brinsea eco, it looks like when it's full there isn't a whole lot of room for something like sponges? It says it has two water wells in the bottom. Personally I would get it in the neighborhood of where you want it, maybe a hair high and let it do it's thing until hatch. My first hatch with my Lyon TX-6 I accidentally got the humidity to 97% on day 18 and got so worried, I had to leave it propped slightly open for 3 hours and dab out water from the reservoir with a paper towel to get it back down to normal humidity. All of the eggs that had developed hatched out just fine 3 and 4 days later. Brinseas are supposed to be some of the best incubators, you probably have some margin for error, especially if you keep your humidity testing to day 17 or 18.

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