"If we don't bomb Syria our economy will collapse"

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    I read this on the internet the other day
    Most people would dismiss it as "war mongering"

    however, as an educated person with advanced degrees in finance, accounting and economics
    I can assure you the USA economy will collapse if Syria is not bombed

    WHAT !?!?!? surely, you jest

    no, I do not (and don't call me Shirley)

    The USA that we currently live in depends on the PetroDollar system. If ONE nation decides to sell/buy oil without using US dollars, the PetroDollar will collapse and your 401K will be worth less than a roll of toilet paper (it's much softer and flushes good)

    The USA cannot allow this to happen, hence, Iraq (Euros for Oil) & Libya (Gold for Oil).

    So, fellow chicken lovers, we are left with two choices;

    Bomb Syria and keep our high standard of living (for a few more years)
    Leave Syria alone, and watch as the USA becomes the next Zimbabwe

    so, the question is this: how much are your chickens worth?
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  2. LOL
    "If ONE nation decides to sell/buy oil without using US dollars, the PetroDollar will collapse and your 401K will be worth less than a roll of toilet paper"
    Isn't it the U.S. that is keeping Iraq from selling oil in dollars ?

    How does bombing Syria keep any country from selling oil for Euro's or gold or tinfoil ?

    Syria is less then a minor player in the oil world.

    The employment numbers released today effect the U.S. economy a thousand times more then if Syria gets bombed or not.
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    Our dollar is in the toilet Syria or no Syria. There are already rumblings of discontinuing the Petro Dollar and moving to Safe Keeping Reciepts or SKR's. There are already countries that are dealing in oil and side stepping the Petro Dollar. I am no economist, nor do I have a degree, but I can read and understand that our country is in deep doo-doo. There is also talk of "shared" currencies by several countries for world currencies so other countries are not held hostage to the US dollar. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that our debt makes us look like irresponsible idiots, if we can't take care of our own business, how are we supposed to be held up as a shining example to the rest of the world.

    Either way, if all the trillions of Petro Dollars come home to roost, our economy will take a hit. I don't pretend to know all the intricate details of such doings, but I know enough that it makes me wary. I am tired of all the political posturing by the District of Corruption's idiots who lie to us, get elected and continue to lie to us.

    Hement Dennis, you always have interesting things to say and you are right about the employment numbers-except they are skewed and do not show the true amount of people out of work. More lies from the District of Corruption.......
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  4. SKR's are like pawn tickets. Now how you would use them to buy oil is beyond me.
    You can say the dollars in the toilet. But it's like a row of outhouses, the dollar is the cleanest and safest (has a lock for the door) compared to other currencies. There is no good alternative to the dollar for the oil exporting countries. We need to cut our imports of OPEC oil.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the right numbers, you just have to look for all the numbers not just the U-1 unemployment rate numbers that everyone quotes. Try looking up the U-6 unemployment rate.
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    The dollar will collapse, but so will a lot of other fiat currencies. It looks like we will be headed toward a metal based currency of some sort. If you watch the Kitco gold 24 hour spot chart, you can see someone or something is causing a real fluctuation in the price of gold. Is it some central bank defending their currency? It really makes me wonder. The Fort Knox gold depository has not been audited since 1954. Have we been sold a bunch of goods by those Keynesian economist?

    Venezuela and France have taken possession of their own gold. They don't trust the US government, and I do not either.

    Just because you have a certificate saying you have the metal on deposit does not mean that you actually do. They keep just enough stock on hand to satisfy daily demand and federal regulation. The rest is pure blue sky. If you invest in metals, make sure you have it in your possession and that it is real. There is a lot of counterfeit gold out there.

    Going to war in Syria is totally insane. Have we not learned anything? Now we have jihadist from all around the world there in Syria killing each other. Do we not recognize a real blessing when we see it? No matter who wins in Syria, they will hate us.
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    Hear hear!! [​IMG]
  7. I've been hearing about how the dollar will collapse any day now for over 40 years. But if it does gold wont feed your family.

    If I were to have extra food to trade, everyone with gold and silver would need to go to the end of the line and stay at the end of the line.

    Changes in daily prices of gold, silver, oil, and all commodities are influenced by the news of the day. Militants shooting RPG's at ships transiting the Suez Canal raised the price of oil more then the stuff happening in Syria. But most people missed that on the news.

    When people get over the misconception that gold is money then they will be better off.
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    Well Dennis, the dollar is collapsing as we speak. It loses value every time a new bill is printed, and they are printing a whole lot of them now days. Governments cannot print gold, but they can confiscate it. You are correct, you cannot eat gold, but you may be able to buy food stuffs with it. Put your wealth into gold or silver, and it will probably get you killed. Put it into food stuffs, and you will probably see the same result.

    The IRS has already picked me clean. I probably will be one of those hungry creatures ripping off peoples' year supply of food. Sorry about that.
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    Name a time in history that gold an silver could not be traded for goods?

    Not that I can afford any gold but it was the standard for a reason...

    Most of my metal reserves is made up of copper an lead....
  10. Can't eat gold or drink silver. Copper and lead will be worth more than gold. It will secure food and water. If we don't bomb Syria our economy will collapse. Who is quoted as saying that Two Barrel Biden? The fate of our economy was sealed at the last presidential election. Syria will be the hook in the jaw spoken of in Ezekial 38.
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