If we get new chicks we should isolate?


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL

I was hoping to get a white layer today at TSC; they get theirs from Mt Healthy in OH.

I have 9 day old chicks today already...

however; should I just wait longer??? I only have this brooder that I have in the house...
its not warm enough YET to put them in the large-large brooder in the garage, even
with a heat lamp and portable heater the days are only getting up to 48ish..occasionally a 50..
nights are back down to 30's..frost yesterday when I took kids to school it was 32..

it'll be several more weeks until the days are in upper 50's and nights are in 40's or so..hoping!

So, should I wait until these others are out in the garage brooder; then bring in more?
but then I have chicks and like 4 wks olds..to introduce right?

whats your opinion?
personally i just keep adding the new chicks to the brooder and take out the older chicks when they start to feather up
then put them in another brooder with a lower temperature
I like to keep the older one in as they do show the other how to drink etc
Just watch them as i have found some species start to toe peck the little ones
Right; but I thought I read that we should keep isolated due to possible diseases/illnesses etc..

I'll look into it more tho! Thanks!!

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