If yellow skin is recessive to white, what does that make my bird?


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Hello there! I accidentally bred a blue Wyandotte bantam cock with a black d’Anvers hen, (she jumped in the pen) making for a cross quite similar to both parents, fooling me into thinking she was a full d’Anvers for a while.
Naturally, yellow legs (wwIDID) over slate legs (W+W+id+id+) would make white legs (with some black on the epidermis.)
Why does my bird have vibrant yellow feet, shanks, and even toenails a yellow edging on unnatural? Do my d’Anvers have a the w (yellow) gene?
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Good question. My latest crop of Orpington chicks seem to all have yellow legs instead of the white I'd expect. One of the roosters is visually yellow-legged, and one hen. The other two hens and two roosters are white skinned. I've been told that the leg color changes frequently so to expect white legs as they mature, but we'll see....

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