If you had 20 acres....


10 Years
Dec 6, 2009
If you had 20 acres and you wanted a dairy source. What would you choose a dairy goat or dairy cow?
that would depend on my time involvement, money issues and amount of milk that is actually needed for my family. a cow needs more food, a larger area, stronger fences, and if something goes wrong and the animal dies its a much larger financial loss then a goat. not saying that I want something bad to happen to anybody’s animals. its just the truth, the bigger the animal the bigger the possible problems and expenses.
I prefer cows but being a "one woman show" sometimes, I believe I would be more physically capable of dealing with goats. Not saying that I would always be strong enough for a tough goat either, but, given the size difference, I stand a better chance with a goat.

I grew up with goats I miss them I was just as close to them as my dogs I had cousins that could not drink cows milk they kept goats too with barely any experience with cows just helped out at a small farm goats just seem so much easier.
Get a miniature cow! Only like a gallon of milk per day!!

I want to get a mini Jersey or a mini Brown Swiss.
I'd get a goat for sure
<3 I find them easier to take care of. Only on two acres now and just want one lil nig dwarfie girl <3

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