If you have chicks shipping in the storm, get drench.

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    Hi, your chicks are probably going to arrive extra stressed. Get your nutri-drench before the chicks arrive. Tractor Supply or your feed store.give each chick one drop only by mouth when they arrive. For needy chicks repeat as needed every 8-10 hours until perky. Put 1/2 teaspoon of it in a quart of water for the next two weeks to get them off to a strong start. No electrolytes needed.
    When these babies are stressed, they cannot uptake properly helps which need to be digested. Drench doesn't need digesting
    . It mainlines directly into the bloodstream in 11 minutes. It jumpstarts the g. I. Tract, helps restore the immune system, combats travel stress, helps prevent the runs and constipation, and pasty butt. The molasses in it helps encourage proper bacterial growth in the digestive tract. HTTP://www.nutridrench.com
    It's not what you give them , it's what they can absorb. They will be weak. Give them easy energy.
    Best Success, Karen
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