If you use plastic tubs in your nest boxes, what size boxes for...

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    what size chickens? I found some dishpans that are about 12.5" wide by about 14" long. Would that be big enough for heavy layers? I also found some that are a little wider but quite a bit longer.
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    Jul 21, 2011
    I was planning on using litter boxes. General thought (In the books I have) is 12" square is big enough for heavy layers.
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    Hi I use plastic dish wash pales from walmart. I had a heart attack at Trator Supply when I saw they wanted 10 bucks for very little wood. plus I like the fact that the poop (if any) wipes right off, even if dried. Wood not so much. At walmart they were 2 bucks a peice. then I screwed them into the wood so they would not shift as the chickens moved. I have LF and these are perfect. But the one you get from Dollar General are good for Bantams or chicks....

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    Dish pans or small litter boxes are fine, but the girls like their privacy, so you still need dividers.

    5 gal. buckets work fine. I screw a piece of 1x4 across the front bottom to lift up the front slightly and keep it from rolling. You can pyramid them for more. If you want to get the eggs from the back, use a jig saw or saws all to cut half the bottom off.
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    Apr 19, 2011
    I used recycling bins from Lowes. They have a lip across the front and are big enough for two of my hens to lay in together. I have RIR and Black Stars.
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    Thanks everyone! I never thought about litter pans so I'll check those out too. I mentioned buckets to dh and he doesn't want to go to the trouble of cutting the ends (we do want to be able to collect eggs from outside) but I should be able to cut out the front of a dish pan or litter pan on my own.
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    I have used milk crates and an old wicker laundry hamper.Right now the favorite is a booda cat litter box. I like the dome top since no one can sit on it(and poo) like they did with the wicker basket. I got it for $3 at goodwill. I have EE's and RSL hens.


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    Hi from Ga. Looks like it gets the job done. [​IMG]
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    My current nest box arrangement uses kitty litter buckets on their sides. Check out my page, it's got photos to show what I mean.

    I have all sizes, from banties to nice big girls. They all use them, although there are 10 or 12 buckets and they seem to all use the same 3 and the others are just left alone.
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