Igloo Doghouse for Ducks?

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  1. Ahab

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    Jun 28, 2010
    After searching the archives, I've come across a couple of mentions of Igloo doghouses used as coops. They'd seem ideal for us here in cold and wet and windy coastal Maine, where everything wood begins decomposing the day you build it and everything rectangular eventually gets blown flat. My question is, the doghouse that interests me, the widely available and nicely reviewed (by dog owners) Indigo XL, is made from "structural foam," which would provide plenty of insulation (there's a ventilator at the top to handle that chore), but as I remember, when keeping Campbells years ago, they picked at Styrofoam house insulation in an OCD sort of way.

    Do you suppose four or five ducks would just eat their way through the foam to the outdoors over the course of the winter?
  2. Ceilismom

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    Apr 21, 2010
    NW South Dakota
    You may be talking about two different types of foam here. Styrofoam, the kind that is made up of many tiny little beads stuck together, seems like something that would be eagerly picked at. Structural foam, at least what I picture in my mind, would be more like "Great Stuff", the kind that is sprayed onto walls and roofs to provide insulation and strength. I don't have any birds yet, so take that into consideration, but if that is the type of foam in the dogloo, it seems much less likely to be picked at.

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