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    Hi folks,

    Newbie question:

    We got our four girls about a month before they started laying, at which time they all ate like pigs on feed. I started giving them scratch (about a half cup a day, including oyster shell) and some leftovers (3/4-1 cup) of fruit, cooked grains, raw veggies, etc. every other day, and changed to layer feed from chick feed. They still ate like pigs. Now we also let them out to forage for soft greens and bugs. And they are now all laying. But, their regular feed intake seems to be down. They are happy and healthy in every way...though they BEG for more scratch at every opportunity. No crops impacted, everything seems to be fine. Should i be concerned?

    Thank you, oh wise ones!
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    My poultry consumes half as much ration during the foraging months than during winter when the ground is covered. I personally feed an all flock ration instead of layer as any extras can offset the protein needs and lead to troubles, so I recommend 18-20 % protein, with oyster shells always available.
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