Ill button quail


Aug 5, 2020
So i have a 5 month old button quail, unsure of the sex but up until this point i always thought it was a male. Yesterday i noticed him/her fluffed up in the aviary so bought it in overnight. It had a small lump towards the back of the vent, so i thought it was egg bound. Put it on a heat pad overnight. It's vent still doesn't look right, kinda swollen. It is having balancing issues and stumbled a couple of steps when i put it down. Also, when i picked it up i noticed that it felt quite stiff, when i try to move the legs they aren't as malleable as i would expect and it's overall body feels quite hard. i haven't noticed any droppings from last night either, just a little bit of white diarrhea sticking to the vent. Is this possible coccidiosis or egg binding?

I have just checked on Darth and when ever i try and make him/her walk they fall to the side. i have put some calcium supplement in the water along with a few more vitamins from this potent brew stuff and have started dropping it at the side of his/hers mouth. Darth hasn't eaten for around 24hours now so any advice on how to make him/her eat? i'm thinking now of the possibility of a head injury as i can not feel any egg. All he/she wants to do is sleep darth.JPG darth 2.JPG

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