Ill probably lurk a lot until I actually know stuff.

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My wife recently brought home 20 chicks. There are 4 breeds 5 of each. We have no idea what breeds. We have a black breed, an orange breed, a yellow with orange head breed and a smaller brown variegated breed. One of the orange ones looks like it is a rooster. His name is Mr. Hen.

In a search for coops, I was not happy with the ones that I saw being sold, so I decided to convert a shed from Lowes with a loft. It has been a grueling 6 weeks, but it's finally up and the chickens are out in it. I'll post pictures when I get a few and access to a real Internet connection. I'm sure I made lots of mistakes, but I'll learn. Hopefully, I won't learn at the expense of my chickens.

Right now, my most pressing problem is the windows and vents. I need to protect from rain, heat and cold.
. Don't feel bad about not having a vast knowledge of poultry at this point. We all started out as newbies as well.
and congrats on the new chickens! What type of shed wood? All of my coops have windows that hinge on the top so, they lift up/open by a pully from outside the run. I put j-channel on top of the windows so they don't leak and because they swing up - most times they can be open and rain will not get in. They are covered with alum. screen and hardware cloth on the inside and can be locked shut from the inside too. Vents are on both side walls under the drip-edge
Hello and welcome to BYC! Do post pictures of you scoop and chicks. We'd love to see them and I'm sure someone here can help you identify the breeds
Hello and :welcome

Love the name of your rooster! :lol: Don't worry about not knowing so much, it took me a few years of chicken owning till I actually learned a inkling of something that would allow me to help others. :p You can also check out the other social sections and participate there, if you're not so confident about giving advice yet.

Hardware cloth is good for keeping things predator proof, if you want to keep out the rain you can cover the coop with some tarp temporarily and string up a light.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D
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Here is the exterior of my coop. The window on the left has now been fixed like the one on the right and it has a fan in it.

Here is the interior with my daughter. This was taken Sunday.

I tried to take pictures this morning to show the loft, door and fan I have set up, but it was still too dark.

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