I'm a bit concerned and confused.


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Portland, OR
Two of my chickens never made it home last night. I went out to check on them mid day and found the rooster by himself, away from all the hens. The hens had crammed themselves under a rhodadendron(sp?). I scoured my property and could find no feathers. I live on a cliff and it's fairly easy for my chickens to wander away because my fence doesn't go all around my property. It's not the type of cliff you fall off and die, just a steep area to the park below. It seems my rooster would have stopped or at least sacrificed against any ground predators. The rhoadendron makes me think it could have been a hawk, except hawks are very scarce around here and I live in a very heavily wooded area. Then I think maybe they went broody and are sitting on a pile of eggs in a rogue nest... except two hens on the same day? I also think they could have wandered off.

I'm a little bit mad because I didn't hardly go out to visit them at all yesterday and I wonder if that could have changed things. I'm just confused, what do you think it could be? A black sex-link and a Rhode Island red. I hope they turn up.


9 Years
Jul 20, 2010
Dayville, CT
I'm not sure what it could be if it was a preditor, as there are many, but I sure hope they come home soon!!!

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