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Mar 18th I drove to Townline Hatchery in Zeeland MI, about 60 miles from home to pickup our Buff Orpingtons. Of course I had to take Chauncey (our springer pup) with me. We got the chick in good order, born the same am, ended up with 25 pullets and probably 3 roos. The dog loved the chick noise, thought they were his. I set the box on the passenger seat of the pickup and the dog put his paw on it to make sure that the chick did not get away and laid claim to the thing.

This is the second day, have not lost one yet. Townline's.



Three days later I got a call from the post office telling me our Partridge Chenteclers were in from Ideal. Chicks were in good shape, although a bit cool I thought. Got them home and under heat right away. Ordered 10 P and 1 R, got 11P and 6 roo's. Lost one of each the next two days, but now all seem to be doing fine and eating up a storm.

These are the Ideal chicks.



We have them set up on the screen porch, heat lamps and covered at night with space blanket material, thin but keeps the heat in.


Chicks are getting big, going thru water like crazy, eating like they were never fed. Sure are fun to watch. Of course Chauncey has to put his feet on the table and keep an eye on them. Such a good bird dog.


I like those pictures. I need to buy a cage, I have some little chicks coming in the middle of april.

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