I'm a Self-professed Chicken Geek


5 Years
Jan 22, 2016
Hello everyone, it's really good to have found this website again!

I love chickens, all shaped and sizes, and spend a ridiculous amount of time absorbing all the knowledge I possibly can about different breeds and other chicken things. Unfortunately, there are few people who would elect to listen to me rattle on about the glories of the Appenzeller Spitzhauben, or some such, so Backyard Chickens is perfect!

I currently have around 20 birds, and 6 chicks, of varying breeds. I try to get as diverse breeds as possible when chick season rolls around. :jumpy

I have, currently:
(All hens, as roosters are against city ordinance where I live)
-Two Speckled Sussex,
- One Orpington,
-Two Australorps,
-Two Americaunas
-Two Ayam Cemanis (Lovely little guys!)
-One Delaware
-Two Seramas (Love them to bits, so tiny)
-A bunch of silly Silkies,
- A Cornish (whom i trained out of biting people) and
- Two Light Brahma Chicks, a bantam Buff Brahma chick, one Old English Game chick, a silver Sebright chick, and a black Cochin bantam chick. (The latter two identified by helpful people here!)

And i believe that's all!

(This pic is older, with my frizzle serama roo i no longer have, and his hens.)
Now to list all of their respective names...in alphabetical order...
(Just kidding, I shan't bore you with that! Have a wonderful day everyone!) :wee

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