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Jul 2, 2016
A decade ago, I raised renegade Silver-laced Wyandotte hens in my backyard on the edge of Huntington, WV. My telephone conversation back then with the Health Department about permitting went like this:

"How do I get a permit to keep chickens inside the city limits?"

"You have to poll ALL of your neighbors and get every one to sign that they do not object. Later, though, if any one of them changes their mind, you have 10 days to get rid of your chickens."

"So what if I don't poll them and don't get a permit?"

"Then, if anyone objects, you have 10 days to get rid of your chickens."

"Thank you,"

I kept my undocumented gals for 3 1/2 years, paying the neighbors off with eggs, until the outrageous media hype over the impending falling-sky of Bird Flu clued me in that we were bound to be busted and made me send the ladies to "the farm" where they joined a laying flock.

One strange episode may sound familiar to some of you. My then-teenage son called me on the cell one afternoon and said, "Dad! Someone broke into the Poulet Chalet!"

"They WHAT?"

"Yeah, and guess what! She PUT IN three more chickens!"

That was how we got our 2 Rhode Island Reds and 1 White Leghorn. Anonymous donation. They were great birds, too.

Now I live in the country where I can have perfectly legal chickens, don't even have to act sane about it, and can wake to the joyous morning trills of a warbling rooster. My flock of Blue Andalusians, Araucanas, Buff Orpingtons, Rhodie Reds, and Columbian Wyandottes, with bonus White Cochin probable Roo, are now 5 weeks old and ready for their big girl coop outside.

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Jan 10, 2013
so glad you have joined us.

And very glad you can now have your flock without worries..

drumstick diva

Still crazy after all these years.
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Aug 26, 2009
Out to pasture
Very nice to meet you Don, I admire your persistence and glad you can "spread your wings," and have more and more chickens.

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