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Our girls will be two weeks old tomorrow! My oh my how they grow! We have started giving them small amount if treats in the morning and evening. Of course hard boiled eggs are a big hit. Lol And loads of fun! They loved lettuce and shelled natural sunflower seeds. Question #1) I have a container of freeze dried blood worms, no longer have the kind of fish that will eat them. Are they safe for our girls?? Question #2) the area fenced off for free range has several rhubarb plants. Will they leave them alone?? I read somewhere they won't eat what they shouldn't and somewhere else that they will eat anything. Will I need to seperate their access in that area?
I'm not sure on the blood worms, but I have rhubarb. I heard that too and I was worried, but my chickens leave it alone. Well, actually they don't, they dig dust baths all around it and the poor rhubarb is now surrounded by ditches.
They don't eat it though.
I have never had my chickens eat anything they should not be eating. I would watch them on occasion and see if they go near it and then you will know for sure!
My girls have occasionally snacked on the leaves, and are still going strong. My biggest concern is that if they eat all of the vegetation in their run, they may turn to the rhubarb to fulfill their need for greens.
Thanks, I have enough dandelions on the property to keep them in the greens for years and years. Lol I knew I would find the answers on BYC!! You are all so helpful!! Thank you ALL!! BTW, I did a computer search about the blood worms. The answer I found?? Was right here on BYC!! It said it was ok. Guess what!! My girls don't like them anyway!! Lol. Can they have worms? A piece of egg is so darn fun I bet a single worm with eight hens should be hilarious!! Lol. IT IS THEIR 2WEEK BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! LOL
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Oh yes! Earthworms are fine! One of my girls (RIP crumpet) loved it when I went worm hunting with her! She once at 30 worms in one hunt...yeah she wasn't hungry for the usual night time scraps.

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