I'm Both Apprehensive and Excited .. What Have I Done?


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Apr 15, 2013
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I have 3 pet bantam hens. I was only going to have two but two became three (basic chicken-math I am told lol). I was warned that Cilla, my Black Cochin, may go broody and sure enough she did. 3 days she hardly left the nesting box and after hours and hours of 'broody' research, some of the options sounded very eeew, I made a decision to give her what she wants and she is now quite happily sitting on 5 silkie bantam eggs.

What have I done?! She may be ready for this but am I? I am both apprehensive and excited .. I have numerous 'what-ifs' going through my head; what am I going to do with them if they hatch; besides keep one of course (basic chicken-math lol)? What if they are roosters (can't keep roosters) what will I do with them? What do I feed them? Extensions and alterations are now required to the chateau so that if they do hatch they have somewhere 'safe'. Yaada, yaada :-D

Then I realised, if an 8 month old little bantam chicken can do this surely I can! Lots of research and one day at a time. If chickens could talk, Cilla is probably telling me to "Chill, Mum, I got this covered"


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Yay Teila,

Good luck - Broodies are so good at handling it all. ho ho. Once I lived in Brisbane near the University of Queensland, and went to Ironside State School. I imagine that things are so different there now that I would never recognize the same places I once went as a kid.

Yep... now everything can change and you can have more chickens. I bet the chicks will be really cute too.

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