i'm cheating!


12 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Stanley, North Dakota
i've been reading up on incubation lately and today is day 21 of one of my eggs in the incubator! no pips all day so far! according to candling earlier today, its fully developed, its just waiting for the perfect moment.

i've read that peeping of other hatched chicks will encourage unhatched chicks to hatch, so i record some peeping off of youtube with my phone, but it gets boring so i would just do it a few times. but now i've got something going! as i said above i only got one egg thats supposed to hatch (the other egg is on day 9) and that means there won't be other peeping. so, i tried something better than just a few second recordings, i recorded about 7-8 minutes worth of peeping! i have my phone in my bator peeping its microchip out!

i think i'm cheating
No your not ^_^ i do the same thing! I took my tape recorder outside and record an hours worth of hens clucking and i have noticed it does help them cause then they hear the mama hens and want to get out to them of course when they hatch all they see is me ^_^ and then the other side i have baby chicks chirping and when playing it i would hear the babys cheeping to the tape recorder
I will have to try this!! I have 1 egg that has made it to day 20 and no signs of hatching anytime soon. If I don't see some rocking or a pip by tomorrow night I will record and play some cheeping:)
Wow I didn't know that. I've got eggs under a broody though so it probably doesn't matter for me. And
to both of you!
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