I'm excited to be here 😃


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Dec 8, 2020
Hi everybody, i live in Cleburne Tx. We are pretty clost to the middle of the state. I have had my flock since May. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them and caring for them every day, though sometimes i am perplexed by their behavior. They keep me laughing, lol. I have 5 black Australorp hens and a rooster named Midas. I also have 4 black Jersey Giant hens with a jersey rooster named Thorin. Yes, my grandchildren named my chickens. Then there are 2 light Brahma hens names LuLu and Elsa. They've gotten pretty big these past 7 months. They are beautiful birds which i chose for egg size and later meat production with offspring. I love my chickens and they are pretty spoiled. I have 5 grandchildren from 5 to 16. The 3 that love closest to me love my chickens also and its the first thing they want when they come over. Ro see the shickens, my 5 yr old granddaughter says. Im happy to be here and excited to finally get answers 😁

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