I'm feeling a bit annoying, but I have a humidity question.

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13 Years
Aug 7, 2010
I've posted 5 topics in one day!! Wow, I feel annoying, but I guess that's how everyone feels when hatching eggs. I'm a little new to this, so I always have questions.

I've been dry hatching. I've had a humidity of 25%, but every 3-4 days I put a little water in and make it 35%, just so it doesn't get TOO dry, because I live in somewhat of a desert. This is my first time dry hatching.

On day 5, the air cells were HUGE compared to a normal 5 day air cell, and I was worried. Now, it's day 16, and the air cells are exactly the same size!! I am SO confused; I've had a very low humidity, and the air cells have barely gotten any bigger!!

But, I've heard that the air cells grow slowly between days 1-16, and then on day 17 and 18 they grow very fast. Is that true? Because with my duck eggs I think that's what happened. The air cells were all tiny on day 22, and then got twice as big on day 23. Does that happen to you?

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