I'm glad I'm not a chicken sometimes....

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I <3 Chicks

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Humans do not need meat we are designed for breaking down protein from vegetables and fruits.
But who cares chicken tastes soooo..... good lol.
I didn't watch the second video and only watched part of the first. It's no surprise to me and exactly why we choose to raise our own in a humane manner and why our customers are happy we exist. We would never treat our birds the way commercial birds are treated. I try very hard not to eat meat other than what we raise or a farmer friend raises for us because I don't want to support a system that treats its animals that way.

ETA: May I gently suggest after seeing your other posts on vegetarianism that perhaps this section of the board may not be the best place for you in the future? I respect the food choices of others and I hope that you will do the same and realize that this section is to help and support those of us who are choosing to raise chickens to eat.
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Good for you for raising chickens humanely!! The part where the one guy kicks the chicken and it goes flying, and the other part where they are literally throwing the chickens at and into the crates made me so sad.
Glad I didn't bother watching them.

Can't wait to get my next batch of meaties in a couple weeks or so.
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