I'm Goin To Shoot My DH!!!!


Trying to hide
11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
The Ozarks of Arkansas
He pulled a fast one on me this morning. See I'm still waitin on my girls to start laying. They should lay any day now. Anyway,,,he slipped out this morning, and placed a 'store egg' in the nest box. Of course I went out to let the girls run,,and there it was,,,my first egg!!! I came running back in all excited and jumping up and down,,,grabbed the phone to call my Sis,,,and he started laughing. One look from me,,,and you guessed it,,, I threw the egg at him !!!! It broke on the wall,,,yeah the sucker ducked,,,,boy what a mess to clean up first thing in the morning. I didn't give him a kiss when he left either,,,,still fuming,,,it has taken me a while to write this down tooo,,,,, :thun :thun
That's Funny
Oops!!! Sorry for laughing, but I can just picture you throwing the egg at him, lol.

You will laugh about this later ! In the meantime, think about how you can get him back!!
Hey, at least he has a sense of humor and isn't trying to get you to get rid of your birds like some on here are! Appreciate him, love him, and find someway to get back at him that is just as fun.

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