I'm gonna try it again

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  1. I have tried hatching eggs in the past couple of months, but haven't had any luck what so ever. I am going to set some of my own eggs just for the fun of it and see what I come up with. I don't know who laid what egg, and have an EE Roo. Hopefully I will get some fuzzy butts outta this go around. I plan on cleaning out my bator first even though nothing's hatched in it, and then set the eggs in it.
    I always heard third try's a charm, but in a couple of days I will set my eggs.
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    Alright~~~ Go for it and keep a daily journal of temps and humidity and do not open after day 18 and you will have it made. ha ha We are pulling for you.
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    go for it so excited!

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    Good luck to you!

    My hatches have been horrible, too, so after the current group has passed their due date (2 more days... trying to hold onto hope), I'm giving it up for awhile.

    It's just so heartbreaking when nothing makes it.

    How did you get the previous batches of eggs? Shipped?

    My thoughts are with you!!

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    Good Luck! my sister tells me, "it is all in how you hold your mouth" The third was the charm for me! [​IMG]
  6. Good luck!

  7. Thanks everyone, I'm waiting for the humidity to go down in the bator before I set my eggs in. It's over 40%. I've got the airholes all opened up so it can get dried up in there first.

    Queen, the other eggs were all shipped, the first group I thought I'd baked, but they had made it the furtherest. The last couple of shipped eggs only made it to day 7 or so, and then died. Not quite sure what happened. Keep thinking about it, and maybe my bator had too much humidity in it at the beginning.

    I'm not sure if all are fertile or not, but gonna try it anyway. The roo's been out there since New Years Day, and the last few days have been nice so I know my eggs didn't get too cold.

    I need all the help and support I can get right now. If these don't work out I'm not gonna do it again!
  8. Ok I set 18 eggs tonight! [​IMG] Please work for me chickies, chickies, chickies!

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