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9 Years
Jan 9, 2011
Montague, Mi
Joined the BYC group in jan this yr. finally worked up enough courage to try to communicate back to the group. Lord knows, I've sponged an awful lot of information from you in these eventful months. We, my son and I, ordered twelve pullet chicks 1 dayold from a more or less local new young ( 21 yr )s hatchery owner- operator. That's a story all by itself. Picked up twelve tiney balls of various colored fluff on April 7th 2011. Gosh, they're cute then. Admonitions that " dogs are deadly" proved correct. We lost two to one of our three canines before the chicks were taken from the improvised brooder in the living room. [fast forward] The ten pullets grew in the provided more safe and secure made over dog run (BACKYARD CHICKENS) . Ere long we began to hear seaming muted, muffled, and squeeky weak??? crowing ??? WAHAT !!! Capes developed, tails elongated, agressive behavior, More pointy feathers, no no no WE CAN NOT KEEP ROOSTERS IN OUR TOWN legaly. I'm no crook. to borrow . Five of the ten survivors were returned to hatchery and we were to get pullets of equal age to replace them. Did you know it's tricky to introduce new birds to a flock. Something about pecking order. We didn't like the pullets he had available, so decided to wait till next spring to replace the roos. I don' flaunt authority.

Sooooo we have one Speckled Sussex, two Buff Orphingtons, one Australorp and one Cucko Marin to help with the gardening an provide eggs and fertalizer for the garden. They are 20 weeks oldand have laid 14 eggs {the SS i think} Anyway the eggs were in a sand hole dug under the asparagus. That's their range area nowexceptfor some supervised time in the blackberries. no barbs spines. Tee only eggs in their nest boxes in the hen / dog house are the plastic ones i put there and one of theirs marked with an X.

I found BYC online Cause I was looking for iinfo on chikns.

I like (d) to hunt, fish, camp and teach.

WE (jo & I [54 yrs.] ) have a daughter, grand children, great grand children and a great cat to go with the affore mentioned son and 3 dogs.

Sounds like you've packed a lot of chicken experience into a short time!

Curious about your Speckled Sussex - what is her personality like? I got one after reading about their "friendly, docile" personalities but I must have gotten Psycho Sussex because she is the most neurotic creature I've ever encountered! All the other chicks are starting to accept me as the Treat Lady but as soon as she sees my outstretched hand (usually piled high with BOSS or mealworms or the like...) she runs back and forth, up and down, absolutely terrified. So far, I'm not too impressed.
Hello Bob and wecome from Ohio in the United States! Thanks for sharing all the info about your little flock and your adventures in raising these chickens. They are something, aren't they? Very addicting!

Here in Ohio, fall is coming quickly and I'm starting to think about winterizing the coop and runs again. I usually put up some tarps as wind breaks around the run, and add a couple of heat lamps to help keep the water from freezing and warm things up just a tiny bit for my feathery friends.

I've got two turkeys, several different breeds of chickens...lavender and black orpingtons, buckeyes, some production reds for eggs, coronation sussex, cream brabanter, marans, and a little banty flock which includes two polish (one is frizzle), two frizzle cochins, and a lovely little silkie.

You take care and so glad you decided to post!


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