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Sep 4, 2014
What can I say...other than I'm hooked. I ordered 6 chicks in early August and got them in 2 weeks ago (9/5). I was almost a 'basket case' until they got here, but all 6 arrived alive and well. From the moment I opened the box I knew.....it's ON! And to be honest, it started even before that. I already had names picked out for most of them but I was almost ashamed to admit that to my wife and grown sons. Yes, grown sons.....cause I'm 52. But we have always been 'pet' people...dogs, cats, a few mice, iguana, love bird, parrot. But to have and name chickens...? Now I don't care...cause I'm hooked!

We just recently moved (3 months ago) from a country suburb subdivision to our new place in the country with 2.5 acres. The place is fenced around the perimeter with the house, a barn, and plenty of space for a garden and whatever else we like. My grandparents lived in the country and had a farm with all kinds of animals, so as a kid, I got to experience a little of it too. So I thought, what better to do than get a few chickens to have fresh eggs. So that's where I am right now...raising my chicks and hooked on it.

Here's a few pictures of my girls (girls-I hope).

Hello Jeff and welcome to BYC!

You DO sound egg-cited!! Yes, I can imagine you WERE a basket case before the chicks arrived! I still do not have the guts to order chicks through the mail. Ha! And I am so glad they arrived safely.

They are adorable too!! Congrats on your new home. What better a house warming than the gift of chicken!

Have you stopped by our learning center yet? All kinds of good articles on all the aspects of raising your new babies...https://www.backyardchickens.com/atype/1/Learning_Center

Well Jeff, enjoy this new journey you are on! If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask.

We do welcome you to our flock!
Good to hear. They're surely very addictive livestock, so variable with a wealth of information to learn!

However you appear to have at least one male already showing. The black one in the middle has typically male feathering patterns on its wings and a quite large crest, never seen one on a female that age.

Greetings and

Best wishes.
Welcome to BYC!
We're glad to have you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Your chicks are adorable!
Thanks, thanks, and more thanks. I have been to the 'Learning Center' here and just about every other site that I can find...looking at different breeds, brooders, coops, etc. I should've introduced my 'girls' too. They are;

Isabella - Brown Leghorn
Lilly - Easter Egger
Roxanne - Barred Plymouth Rock
Buffy - Buff Orpington
Lacey - Golden Laced Wyandotte
Honey - Light Brahma

In the 2 pictures below, Isabella (Brown Leghorn) and Roxanne (Barred Plymouth Rock) both have a noticeable comb. Izzy already has very nice tail-feathers, whereas Roxi is just starting to grow her tail-feathers. Are these distinctions another way(s) to determine their sex?


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