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Apr 25, 2014
Any other members NEW to raising chickens in West Michigan? I'm in Fruitport and have just begun this year with 8 birds, Isa Browns and Ameraucanas.
I'm from Ravenna. I started last spring. Lots of ups and downs. How's your first flock coming along?

We are neighbors. I'm in Fruitport. I just stared this spring with 8 chicks and have 7 left. So far, things are going well! It's a lot more work that I expected but still very enjoyable. I can't wait to get my first egg.

You started last spring? How may chickens do you have? layers or fryers?

Hi Angie,
We started last spring with 9. Of those, we have 4 left. I didn't realize how frail chickens are, before I had them. They die frequently for unknown reasons. Since then we have added a bunch more. We bought a incubator and hatched our own 4 Blue-Laced, Red Wyandottes this spring. That was fun, my kids went berzerk watching them hatch! We also have 4 Silkies, which are more like eye candy. They are cute to look at and lay bite sized eggs. I raised 20 Cornish Rock Cross meat birds this spring. Only fed organic feeds. Now that was a lot of work and VERY expensive. My cost was about $16 per bird! Organic feed costs double.

Have you been to the Ravenna small animal auction? It is every Saturday, auction starts at noon. You can sell and buy. I had an abusive Americana rooster that I brought in last week. Oh, and I bought 8 Maran chicks that I didn't plan on, lol. This hobby is addictive, now I need to build another coop!

What breed layers do you have? They should start any day now!

Yep, chicken math can be tough! :) I only have 7 because I don't have room for more but am hoping to build a better and bigger coop in a year or two. Then I can get a few more. I would love a few silkies or polish.

Sounds like you caught the chicken bug, for sure! :) I'm not brave enough to try hatching my own. Maybe in a few years. I'll have to check out the auction in Ravenna. That's just down the road from me.

I got my first egg on Saturday and have gotten one every day since. Now I'm just waiting for the others to start laying too. I was pretty excited when I found it that morning. I think my family and friends thought I was nuts because I was so happy over an egg. I figured I invested about $300 in that one egg over the last four months. :)

Have a great week!

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