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Feb 15, 2011
Out side of Bellydance & Fire dancing

I enjoy all forms of needle work , sewing , costuming , embriodery , cross stitch , knitting , crochet , blackwork , candlewick embroiery , looming bla BLA blaaaa if it uses a needle or thread I can do it the only thing I haven't done is quilting ... we have family tradition when you get married or have a baby Grandma & Great Grandma make a quilt . My oldest (19)is smuggling hitchhikers so I'm gonna have to suck it up and get with the program . I'm to estupido to folly patterns for any of these things so I just study the picture for a few and work it out in my little head it always works itself out looking just peachy

I am a pro Photographer , I do best in the studio setting I make a living doing glamour shots and performers shoots & adore daguerreotype influenced ,Dark , Gothic , fantasy- macabre portraiture art

I love cooking every meal we eat at home from scratch .. I'm trying to move us into all the healthy alternatives . I have also just gotten into prepping ( storing atleast a year of food for the entire house ) I have a pretty big garden & herb garden ,we are working on our talapia pond, I was doing a big flock of chickies who were viciously murdered yesterday by two stupid dogs who I caught feather faced.... I've also just gotten into the extreame couponing craze .. I have a tiny stockpile so far

I am a master at futuristic/exotic hair and make-up it is a serious passion... If I could be a backyard farmer and look like something out of one of the Star Wars bars without my niebs calling the cops ..I'd so do it every day

I enjoy the SCA ( mideival re-creation ) big fun fab feasts

I paint , am a ravenous reader , adore hack & slashes ,spicy hot foods ( never tasted anything to hot for me ) am both non -religious and vastly spiritual .

but worst of all my spelling is a spawn of satan .. and ever worse then that .. my math terrible I apologise in advance

Edited for language, please keep it family friendly.
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....when do you sleep?
I have a terrible case of insomnia I get 2-4 hours then Ghost around the house most of the night pissing everyone off

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