I'm new, and live in the city HELP


May 21, 2015
So in the beginning of May there was a storm and it scared away a flocknof geese from my boyfriends work. They might have been removed also because they were tagged not only on their feet , but had a whole sheet wrapped around their kneck. It looked very cruel. Anyways a strom came and scared away a flock of geese including a mama goose leaving 3 eggs behind. He goes to work from 6am to 3pm and through out the day there was no sign of her, or any of the geese. It was chilly out and the eggs defiantly weren't going to make it so he brought them to me and we got a incubator. The geese never came back, not one, so thank God we took them. He said he saw the mama goose hanging around may 1st, so I thought I'd have some time but tonight all three eggs are peeping and tapping in their shells. I was able to set up a brooder, but since living in the city I can't really go out and get Chick feed. Is there anything I can feed them as soon as they hatch? My boyfriend will be going to a store in the suburbs that has chick feed, which I also got the incubator from after work, however he won't be able to get it to me till 5pm. I'm afraid by the way these goslings are peeping they'll be hatching by the morning.
When you hear peeping it can be as soon as an hour when they hatch or not until the next day. If you have feed this evening it will be fine. New born poultry have nutrient storage for a few days. Just set up the brooder so there is 90 F heat on one side and food and water the other. That way if they are too hot or cold they can move to where the temp is right.
I have the brooder all ready. When I woke up one had a little crack. This one was the one making most of the fuss last night and still is. The other two seem to be sleeping and taking a break.

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