im new here


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7 Years
May 31, 2012
melbourne kentucky
hello everyone im not a normal farmer with her chickens i juggle school and my small farm at home! i dont know but i think im the youngest new member on here only in the 8th grade this year.... but im ready to learn things about chickens i usually read out a bunch of magazines to get my information about chickens but i decided to try this website to see how it is........ I hope I like it.
. There are quite a few younger members for you to interact with. Many of them do hang out in the Games, Jokes, and Fun section.
Hello and :welcome

There are heaps of young folks round here. I know there are many your age, and some younger too so you're not alone! :lol:
I'm a few years older than you, but I enjoy hanging out with many of the young peeps round here. :p

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D

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