i'm new to geese. any suggestions?

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Nov 27, 2011
i was thinking about getting new birds in the spring. i know i'm getting more hens but i also want to get 1 goose and put it with the ducks. will this work? or will it be better to let it free range? is raising goose any different from raising ducks and chickens? what are their temperments? will the goose pick at the ducks or will it just ignore them? and if i decide to free range it, will the goose go anywhere durring winter or, if i raise it properly, will it stay around(and i will give it a little barn/shed/coop to stay in), and will i have to clip its wings? also, should i get 2 geese, or only one, and if i do, what do i do if i end up with geese eggs? are they edible, or will they hatch? are geese broody, or like some breeds of chicken that just leave their eggs? also, what if i end up with 2 mails? will they hurt eachother? or should i only get 1 to begin with? if i do, will i have to wory about it being lonely? if i free range it i'm only getting 1 for sure. i know this is a lot of questions but answers for any of them would be greatly appreciated.
i truely am clueless

Well, you have to take the good with the bad. We kept ours free range and the ducks and the geese stayed together. Most geese won't be able to fly away, and as a matter of fact, if they free range, they'll probably stay near the house. I'd recommend getting at least two as they are social animals. I loved our geese (American Buffs), they have tons of personality and always kept us entertained.

However, some things you should know about geese:
They poop - a LOT! Our two geese pooped more than all 26 of our chickens combined. And, they always wanted to relax in our carport and under our cars. They pooped faster than I could clean it up.
They are inquisitive and want to grab and pull at everything.
They make noise.
The males can become aggressive and defensive of in the spring.
They can get big.

Of course, a lot is dependent on the breed of goose. A lot of good sites out there that you can do research on.
thanks! the reason i'd only get one for free ranging is because if 1 is a male and the other a female, i'd never know where they would lay their eggs and if they hatch, the cats would find them before me.

or would the parents take care of the problem?
also, when i'm picking them out is there a way to tell wether their boy or girl or is it 50/50?
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i had some geese before and let give you some advice. geese are very smart when you get your geese train them all that you can train them. give them alot of love and care and they will be the best pet that you can have . and by the way the geese that i had were white embden geese the largest geese that there is known and they are the best pets. i recomend getting a gosling because then they will be alot more tame than a adult goose.
When we raised geese they would peck at the duck at feeding time. Geese usually would stay around if you free range them. I would get a t least two geese. The geese hens will lay on their eggs up until they hath and then they will take care of their babies and raise them.

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