I'm not sure this is a problem.. but a powdery white comb?

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    Sep 18, 2009
    Hey all..

    I've got five chickens, my first ones. They're all just over 19 weeks.. two of them, the big ones, have beautiful dark red combs and wattles (no eggs yet..), but the other three, the smaller looking ones (by just a bit!), have smaller combs and wattles, and they're almost powdery whit looking.. like someone dusted them with talcum powder. Don't let me mislead you.. these are all hens, I'm positive. I don't want you to think I've got two Roosters and three hens here.. it's just the smaller combed birds, well, the bodies are nearly the same size, just the above-mentioned parts are.. well.. different. Is that OK? Oh, and the two bigger birds are one each of RI Red and Barred Rock, and the other three are RI Red and Barred rock, too, two and one, respectively. So, an almost equal mix here...
  2. They are probably not as well-developed as the bigger ones, and perhaps they are going to have smaller rosecombs anyway...time will tell!
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    Fauvus can develop on combs/faces. So can mite/lice detritus. Both are a powdery white. Look carefully to see if the powder extends into the base of feathers near the comb, or is limited to the comb surface.

    As a first step, I would likely scrape off the powder and oil the comb. If it does extend into the base of the feathers, I would bathe with a flea/tick shampoo.

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