I'm not sure what to do with my Ancona. Help!!!!!


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Mar 2, 2014

My babies hatched today, and 4 out of 5 are doing great, but the one looks like it is struggling and I'm not sure how to help! where the baby is still attached to the shell, looks like it might be inflamed. The other ducks' did not look this agitated. What should I do? should I leave it alone(which I have been doing, but it seems to not be helping at all), or should I just detach it from the shell, and see what happens? (When I detached the other ones, the spot where it connected, its inflammation went down.) (have I waited to long?)
Thanks, but it is completely out of the option for me to put them down. He/she still looks like they having a fighting chance, so I'll keep trying to help.
I would make sure the yolk does not dry out. Use only clean water to moisten or keep humidity high. We had a couple ducks like this before. One died, I think because I moistened too much, but who knows. We had one die because I did not moisten and it could not finish absorbing its yolk. Neither hatched in an incubator, long story. I would let it take its time and keep it around the other newly hatched babies for motivation. I may not be telling you the most expert like things, but I figured it is better than nothing. I would not detach it from the shell. It will do it on its own. How long has it been like this?

Best wishes!
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