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    Feb 21, 2010
    [​IMG]. Well I have had chick's and some roo's for sale listed localy for a few week's now. My Neighbor showed up with a carrier on the back of his truck this eve. He didn't bother to stop by and ask beforehand.I guess he know's what a "sucker" I am.He had 10 gorgeous columbian bantam wyandotte's.4 Roo's and 6 hen's.They are a couple maybe 3 month's old Im guessing from the size. He had given me my original pair back in Jan this year also.DH just came back in house He wasn't having anything to do with it! [​IMG]. Well I have 10 more youngen's now I had to place them in pen in horse stall for the night.Hope the duck's will be happy with the ramaining area as the 2 hen's are in the other penned stall with thier chick's.Guess Im going to fix them and area tommorow smaller with their babie's untill I figure where these new 10 are going so the duck's can have their space back .Yike's. He shoulda called then I could have said thank's but full house. But were soooo pretty!
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    Oh My!! I hope you have enough room for them. I would feel the same way. Hang in there!!

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